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Allan Rosenbaum was born in San Antonio in 1959 and in 1968 move to Connecticut. He did his college prep work in Milford Ct. and attended Physics trainings and symposiums at Yale University while still in high school. He continued his studies after returning to Texas at Texas Women’s University in Kinesiology and Physical Therapy.

He entered Texas Chiropractic College in Houston in 1981 and received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1985. He has owned and operated numerous practices in Lubbock, Denton, Dallas, Arlington, East Texas, and Pilot Point. His clinic “operations” were not his real love, and so in 2005 opened his sole practice in Denton, Texas. The clinic is called Rosenbaum Chiropractic and Denton Natural Wellness.

The Center acts as a source of natural alternatives to the usual Medical avenues but also works hand in hand with the medical community to provide the best and least invasive form of Health Care and wellness solutions.

“I love my time directly with patients and after 24 yrs of clinical practice and thousands of patients I have found that there is no “one single way” to treat a person. We always use methods that allow the body to start the healing process itself. This takes time but is less invasive and longer lasting in its effect. We use a wholistic approach employing nutrition, stress relief and Exercise as well as spinal alignments and massage. If for some reason those methods are lacking then I have close relationships locally and in the DFW area with specialists. My relationships include seasoned Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologists, Internists, endocrinologists and Rheumatologists and others which allows a comprehensive approach and many years of experience to come to the aid of our patients when neccessary. On many occasions I am happy to refer a person out to where they belong knowing that’s where they will get the most complete help. People in the Dentonarea are very health conscious and slow to turn to pills and invasive techniques.

"The results of what the body can do with a little help is amazing and makes what I do so rewarding."

Following a severe auto accident and spinal injury in 1998 Dr. Rosenbaum was unable to practice for over 3 years. In his efforts to recover he discovered even more techniques and methods to help his patients. He also learned what it’s like to suffer from chronic pain and disability which makes him empathetic and patient with the recovery process.

Dr. Allan is a certified Active Release practitioner for the past 14 years. ART is used on elite professional atheletes as well as ordinary folks for any soft tissue injuries from Plantar Fasciitis and Carpal Tunnel to Shoulder, spine and hand issues. He has been trained in Rehabilitation of Chronic spinal conditions such as Arthritis and acute and long-standing disc conditions. His practice in Denton focuses on Spinal Decompression, Rehab, Geriatric care, Sports Medicine and Pain Management as well as Detox and nutritional cleanses and weight loss. Massage is available in his clinic from licensed massage therapists.

In 2012 Dr. Allan opened Denton County Wellness and offers the same resources in that new clinic.

Dr. Allan has 5 children and one grand daughter. His 3 sons have attended Denton public school and his youngest son is in training with Army Reserves. He likes to fish and spend time with family and hoping for more grand kids. His wife, Holly, home schooled for over 20 years and now is an avid baker, floral designer and loves quilting.

Dr. Allan is available anytime for complimentary consultations to see if what he does may help you or if you need to see another type of doctor. You may contact him at (940) 783-1409.


He can also be contacted at 940-759-2005 and 940-799-1834.

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“Dr Rosenbaum took the time to assess my underlying issue and used multiple techniques to resolve my loss of mobility and pain faster and more completely than my last two therapists. I highly recommend him!"

- Sally M.

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